Thursday, May 03, 2007

my recent masterpieces

fresh pasta with tomato sauce
cinnamon buttercake
cinnamon rolls
well, i havent blogged for quite some time! to tell you the truth, these past few months have been so hectic for me (what with rushing from class to class) that i seldom bake now. but that doesnt mean i 've completely stopped.

i made croissants for a friend last 2 months, and yes, the smell of homemade pastries is just wonderful. better than a homemade bread actually. and there was once when i felt like eating cinnamon rolls so i just read up some recipes and voila! talking about cinnamon, i made a cinnamon buttercake last monday, with just the basic poundcake recipe.

last sunday, i thought of making my own fresh pasta, (which i had tried but never succeeded because it's too thick), and with some all-purpose flour, an egg and olive oil, and some kneading, i finally succeeded. i just visualise jamie oliver's instructions in the book and i also remember that fresh pasta deserves fresh tomato based sauce, so i made that. i dont know if the italians think it's good, but for me, so long as i can make my own pasta, i'm ok with it.