Thursday, September 20, 2007

cooking for buka puasa

it is universally known that malaysians love eating, and are crazy about food. which is no wonder that now we have developed a new culture in our society which is to have ramadhan bazaar annually. this bazaar, filled with all sorts of contemporary and traditional foods, caters to working people who dont have the time to cook after work.

this is the time when you get to eat that favourite dish of yours, or sample "exotic" traditional food which isnt found in just any shops or stalls anymore. for example, the ever so sweet and soft nekbat or the rich akok or bunga tanjung, or even tahi itik (never mind the name, nothing to do with the duck's poo).

however, despite the convenience offered by ramadhan bazaar, i prefer to cook on my own. probably i have the leisure to do so, but i think that it is better to eat our own homemade cooking. you'll be more satisfied, it's hygienic, more delicious and cheaper! some sellers do not bother about the quality of the food they sell, so that is the biggest letdown.

since day 1 of puasa, i've been cooking - made puding buih (which tasted richer and more delicious than the bland instant custardy sauce that came with the jelly that i bought last month), cooked my own char kuey teow, ikan percik (my god, the taste of charcoal grilled fish is divine! especially when you buy the freshest of fish), and today i made currypuffs.

i could have bought all these, i know. it'd save me time. but at least i'm happy that my ailing mother is eating the food that i cook. this reminds me of a guy i once knew - he asked me why i bother to bake a bread when i can just buy one.

because it's therapeutic. and because it's a joy.

so ladies, cook!!