Thursday, August 07, 2008

Terengganu's Bubur Lambuk

most malaysians know Kampung Baru's bubur lambuk when it comes to Ramadhan, but i fail to see the attraction. i've tasted it, and found it to be mild and safe. terengganu bubur lambuk, on the other hand, is robust, gutsy and full of earthy flavour.

so what makes Terengganu's bubur lambuk different? besides the usual santan, our local dish uses ground boiled fish meat and young fern shoots and other plants like pucuk ubi, daun kadok, daun kesum, daun kelo. these are really the wild vegetables, and not cultivated vegetables that you get from the market. which means they have more vitamins and minerals.

because of the strong fish flavour and smell, the terengganu people device a way to mask the flavour thus making the flavour more subtle - by adding black pepper and lots of ginger to it, the de-wind agent for those who suffer bloatedness.

in summary, the porridge is a healthy choice for those who are concerned with their health, and what's more, it's cheap!

recipe for bubur lambuk

1 1/2 cup of rice
enough water to make porridge

boil the rice first.

2 steamed/boiled selayang or mackerel (the freshest fish you can get, so the sweetness stays in the porridge), de-boned
1 onion
3/4 inch to 1 inch of ginger
some black peppercorns

grind the ingredients using pestle or mortar or food processor. add the ground mixture into the almost cooked porridge, then add some coconut milk (the freshest you can get, or the taste will be a bit rancid). add in the leaves of the wild vegetables or sayur kampung. add salt to taste.

have fun cooking!