Thursday, April 20, 2006

Kek lapis sarawak and swiss roll

i fell in love with kek lapis sarawak more than 9 years ago, when a friend of the family gave some during raya. it was the moistest and sweetest cake i've ever tasted, besides the colourful layers of the cake, which makes it uniquely malaysian, unlike the kek lapis betawi (i dont like the spices in it). one of my sisters used to order benji roll every single raya, with colourful checks nestled in the heart of the roll. all of these recipes are featured in rabiah amit's book, kek lapis sarawak. yes, the number of eggs used in the recipe will make the eyes of the weight conscious bulge, nevertheless, because of its richness, the cake should be eaten in smaller slices (as it is damn expensive if you buy them, and if you make them, it's because it's time consuming so u'd better make it last as long as you can), so those who're watching their weight need not fear.

2 days ago, i had this craving for swiss roll. when i was a little girl, my mother always bought a simple but delicious strawberry jam filled swiss roll from a bakery. nowadays, it's difficult to get an ordinary swiss roll as every cake house or bakery will sell the cream version. full of ovalette, and god knows, using the ERT book, i made swiss roll. yeah, it broke 3/4 of the length, but who cares...nigella always says homecooking is supposed to be as it is, and it's not about perfection. perfection is so pretentious, dont you think?
swiss roll
3 eggs
3 oz castor sugar
3 oz sifted flour
beat the eggs until light and double in volume (or triple). add in sugar, then fold in flour lightly. pour into a rectangle baking sheet (lined with grease paper) and bake for 7-10 mins at 220 C (the cooking time will vary for different ovens). take the sponge cake out frm the oven, and invert it onto a tea towel lined with a grease paper which has been sprinkled with some castor sugar. spread with some jam, and roll it up.

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